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Why, as humans, do we think we will live forever?

June 3, 2018

When something sad happens, you want to reach out to your friends and loved ones. Why does it take for someone to pass away for you to truly appreciate everyone you meet, everyone around you. Some might say that that’s their gift, what they leave behind, love, for everyone who they met to show one another love.

This life is so short and when people say you should live each day as your last, we just shrug it off and take it for granted. Yes ‘normal’ life has to happen, it’s not everyday we can go do something amazing like swim with sharks or jump out of a plane, but everyday we can do something good. Whether its small or large. If you can make someones life a little bit easier, or even change someones life, that’s enough.

I’m not trying to preach to you, I’m just expressing myself.

On Tuesday morning, me and some amazing people that I met whilst in India lost a special human being. And although I didn’t know him for long, he impacted my life with his happiness, friendships through friendships, his beautiful singing voice, kindness and overall positive energy that shone out of his face.

Having only just completed my 10 days at Tushita a few weeks ago, learning about topics such as karma, death and rebirth. What better way to put all these topics into action to help deal with this.

Why, as humans, do we think we will live forever?

Death is definite and will happen to each and every one of us and nothing prevents you when its your time to go. But whilst at Tushita, we spoke about karma and rebirth. At the time I didn’t agree with what they were saying…. basically do lots of karma in your human life and then when you die you’ll be reborn in a positive realm; another human or animal form.
Well now I’m a believer. I hope that Harry is reborn into something wonderful so he can continue to share his positivity to others.

Everything is impermanent and is always changing, one day to the next. Be present. The past is no longer before you. The future is not yet before you. The present is before you, and soon it will pass, so enjoy this moment, be grateful for everyone you have in your life.

Be kind, be happy, be positive. Most of all, love. 

You'll always have a special place in my heart❤️




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