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February 1, 2018


Last week at Sampoorna we had Satsang with the wonderful Sudhir. He spoke about many things on decision making but this theory stuck out to me.


When decision making we tend to look for different perspectives.


Families, friendships and relationships are tuned into frequencies.


So when you're making decisions in life, maybe you go with your gut feeling, maybe you ask your other half, friends or parents for what they think you should do. They each have their own perspectives.. some of them you may not agree with.. some you may agree whole heartedly. But these people, these frequencies, you have been tuned into for some time as you have been surrounded by them over the years. However, maybe they don't understand your choices, maybe they don't like your choices. Their frequency may seem like tunnel vision where there is no freedom to swim. 


And sometimes we go with our gut feeling... but what is our gut feeling? Have you ever truly thought about that? Sudhir touched on this and said it is, 'a combination of emotional intelligence and unconscious patterns; maybe these patterns are from the past, so they aren't applicable today, and sometimes they are current patterns. Meaning that your gut feeling isn't always the best option to take.


But the more perspectives we have, the more we can tune into other frequencies and branch off from those tunnel vision frequencies. Sometimes losing a friendship and/or a partner can make room for new, wonderful people, allowing us to gain more perspectives, tuning into other frequencies. We are energetic beings and tune into the frequencies that surround us. So that is why you can sense 'tension' when you enter a room after an argument, or when you feel at home in a country that you've never set foot in before, or when you feel like you've known someone your whole life after only a matter of hours!


Aren't we amazing, intricate souls?




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