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December 30, 2015

We visited a spice farm about 1 hour away from Agonda Beach. Upon arrival we got showered in flower petals and were given a red bindi spot in between our eyebrows and a small flower garland with a cup of chai… Of course.

This particular spice farm was owned by a family where the 5th generation were now in charge of it.


We waited for our tour guide to round everyone up and we went on an hours tour around the plantation. We saw banana trees, cinnamon trees, spice plants, cashew nut sorting machine, an elephant in the river, coffee plants and many more!

Did you know you get cinnamon from the bark of a tree? And turmeric is from a plant that looks like a ginger root? That all spice and masala are from plant leaves? And that cashew nuts come from a poisonous fruit that looks like a pepper? Well you do now.


We got a free lunch which was delicious as always and then hit the spice shop. I got some sandalwood, cinnamon, patchouli, lavender, coconut, almond and cashew nut oil. I bought all of these oils for my own personal use for my skin and hair but also a few for the scent to use during my yoga classes.


It was a short but interesting day out!


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