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Half Moon Meditation

December 5, 2015

This morning we had another surprise meditation on the beach. (Last week we had meditation on the beach when it was the full moon) As we approached the beach I could see the pink/blue hazy colours along the horizon. I felt smug and happy that I brought my phone with me to take a picture.

The pink sky was softly blending into the blue sky as the sun was slowly rising behind in the distance, with the  half moon directly above my head. The sea was a beautiful pearlescent colour with the reflections from the sky, the texture was amazing, it looked like there was oil in the water, you know when it creates a nice shiny effect, but this was mother nature.


After having my eyes closed for some time, enjoying the sound of crashing waves, I stood up to stretch my legs and stared out to the horizon. A few moments later I noticed a fin gliding through the water, and again and again! It was a dolphin! In that special few moment it brought such an overwhelming sense of calmness.


At the end of meditation I opened my eyes and noticed that the sun had risen into the sky with the palm trees being lit up by the first rays of sunshine of the day. As I walked back to my room I felt inspired and calm, ready to take on the day and continue with this amazing experience.


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