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December 4, 2015

Week 2 came round very quickly… along with the injuries. We went from being a strong, powerful group to achy wrists, pulled shoulders and getting massages from our teacher John with physiotherapy muscle strain support straps.


This week we also had our first Mysore Ashtanga class. I was dreading it from the moment I saw it on the timetable. Friday morning at 8am I was standing on my mat, absolutely bricking it and away we went. 1.20 hours later I was finished and in Savasana. With only a few mistakes, I gave myself a pat on the back and realised I actually enjoyed the practise more doing it at my own pace. We were allowed our cheat sheet of course! 


Saturday morning we had partner yoga. At first I was dreading it as I don’t really enjoy acro yoga but once we found a partner, mine was Leyla, we got settled and the class was more of a support each other/use each other as resistance kind of partner yoga. Marta made it very fun and relaxing and it was nice to work with someone I hadn’t worked with before and open myself up to a new experience. It was quite intimate at times, so we really had to let ourselves go and trust one another. At the end Marta made us sit opposite one another and look into each others eye’s without laughing for 1 minute. At first, of course, with such an intimate experience with someone we don’t know very well it made us all giggle but after a while we all settled and became at peace with each other’s eye contact. Afterwards, I felt a new sense of unspoken intimacy of a new friendship. We had a long embrace afterwards before coming side by side into savasana. Marta ended the class with a song that was produced by the frequencies of a heart beat. Well didn’t that make me cry my eyes out! An over whelming sense of sad/happy emotions, similar to how you feel at a wedding, came over me. I soon learned that it made other people cry too. It feels so nice to be able to let go like this and knowing that you aren’t alone in the emotional shedding is comforting too.


After such a lovely start to the day, we were off to Cola beach a small boat trip away. A few minutes into the journey they switched off the boats engines as there were dolphins nearby… We saw approx 5 dolphins in pairs and alone.. It was so captivating, scanning the sea, trying to be silent, trying to get a glimpse of their fins and noses. Eventually, we arrived at Cola beach and walked along the steep, secluded sand dune to the other side where there was a lagoon with people kayaking along. We walked a short distance to see where it led but also got freaked out about the possibility of unknown creatures in the water. We spent the afternoon laying around and filming for our yogiokie (stay tuned).

The rest of the weekend was spent having a Moijito, yes only 1, and going out for breakfast and lunch at Blue Planet and The Space Goa.


It was such a lovely ending to the weekend, unfortunately hours later one by one we began to feel ill and for the next 48-72 hours 6/10 of us were bed bound. But that’s all part of the India experience right?


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