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I’ve created this fabulous online yoga programme to allow you to continue practicing yoga despite everything else that might be going on in your life. 

You don’t need to leave the house or even wear the ‘right’ yoga clothes. Simply roll out your mat and get your computer on!


Perhaps you never manage to make it to a yoga class, or there isn’t a yoga class in your area or maybe you feel self-conscious in a room full of people. Maybe you do attend a regular yoga class (one of mine, perhaps?) but the teacher sometimes goes away on holiday and you don’t want to skip yoga and wait until they return. Or you’re the one going on your holibobs and want to take your yoga with you!

Sign up for my online yoga programme and I’ll provide you with all the tools you need to enjoy a calming, relaxing yoga practice where you gently challenge yourself and feel incredible. 

Contact me to join my online yoga programme 

NB: Not currently taking on new clients at present

Online yoga classes with me will allow you to:


Practice yoga wherever you want to- in your living room, on the beach, next to a pool somewhere exotic or even in your bedroom

Avoid feeling self-conscious or suffering from ‘yoga envy’ in class

Schedule your yoga class to suit your busy lifestyle without having to make sacrifices

Avoid the commute, save time and still get all the benefits of doing yoga!

Deepen your yoga practice and continue to grow as a yogi

Enjoy a personal yoga teacher and mentor (me!) even when our schedules don’t match or we’re in different geographical locations

What’s included:

A comprehensive 6 week yoga package which has been tailed exactly for you, your needs, your goals and your lifestyle.

Full access to a wide selection of specially designed yoga sessions, including yoga classes, guided meditations, yoga nidra, breathing exercises and yoga inspired tabata.

Weekly self-care goals, motivational reminders, tips and other useful stuff to help keep you focused and motivated

Contact me for more info

NB: Not currently taking on new clients at present